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Since the P.E.A.P began in November 2012, K.O.R.I has introduced many visitors and school groups to the little blue penguins who make their home beneath Kaikōura’s coastguard building.

We believe that making people aware of the Little Blues, and the dangers that threaten them, is key to their continued survival here in Kaikōura.

Sponsorship costs $100 and in return you will receive a Certificate of Sponsorship, information on the penguin you are sponsoring, and the opportunity to name your penguin!

So if you want your choice of name to join a colony where Dan Carter lives next to Gandalf, click the sponsor button below!

This seasons name theme is ‘Greatest pop stars of all time’.

A little blue penguin sitting on its eggs in one of KORI's purpose-built nest-boxes

Penguin Sponsorship

Sponsor a penguin to get directly involved with the Kaikōura penguin colony, and have the chance to name your penguin!