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Kaikōura is a small coastal village with an incredible vista. The peaks of the Seaward Kaikōura mountain range provide a dramatic backdrop to a town situated on a peninsula extending out into the Pacific Ocean.

Kaikōura’s beauty captivates all those who visit, but the ocean hides the other secret to this small town’s fame.

The Kaikōura Canyon, a deep underwater trench extending over 60 kilometres and reaching depths of over 1200 metres, lies just 800 metres from the shoreline, and provides an excellent habitat for a multitude of marine animals.

The cold water in the depths of the canyon rises as it nears the coast, bringing up nutrients that usually only exist in the deep waters of the ocean. The result is that animals that feed upon these nutrients, such as whales and dolphins and seabirds can be seen very close to land.

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Kaikōura is privileged with natural attractions revolving around the ocean and mountains and is well served by many activities which centre on introducing visitors to the wildlife and scenery

The viewing of marine life, namely whales, dolphins, seals and birds is the main reason visitors come to Kaikōura, but there are many other attractions such as walks, fishing, scuba diving, 4 wheel adventures, Maori Tours and much more.

For more information on some of Kaikōura’s leading attractions visit www.kaikoura.co.nz – the Kaikōura Information Centre website has a comprehensive coverage of activities and information useful to those visiting Kaikōura.

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