To see Kaikōura’s marine life flourish.


To protect what’s here through research and education.


  • Integrity: We respect those we work with, both human and non-human.
  • Quality: We strive for excellence in all we do.
  • Collaboration: We pursue a collaborative approach by partnering with other individuals and groups.
  • Celebration: We seek to celebrate health and beauty in our natural environment when and where it is present. 

1.      We seek a healthy, flourishing penguin population across the Kaikōura coastline through:

a.      Habitat protection and improvement

b.      Education and awareness

c.       Monitoring weekly at South Bay and annually along our greater coastline with the help of a penguin detection dog

 2.      We seek to protect marine mammals along the Kaikōura coast by:

a.      Conducting boat-based surveys to monitor the abundance and distribution of marine mammals in our waters

b.      Maintaining a catalogue of Kaikōura’s Hector’s dolphins

c.       Monitoring and evaluating the health of our marine ecosystem and species

d.      Educating and raising awareness (public presentations, signage, conferences, media articles, social and print media, research articles)

e.      Reducing the use of single use plastic in Kaikōura